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Rufusina was found in the woods abandoned by her mother because she had a crippled front leg.



Jayla is a cougar born in captivity on 5/6/97. Received when she was 10 days old and raised specifically to be an animal ambassor for
the Florida Panther. Jayla loves to stalk and play with camera equipment or anything else that gets too close


Maverick & Sasha

Maverick was born 12/15/96, Sasha was born 5/4/97. Caracal's who don't like anyone getting close to their enclosure



Rudy is an Arican Serval, born in captivity on 2/6/2000. Received when he was 5 months old



Rajah the tiger was born July 4, 2001. Rajah is a BIG tiger. Rajah was rescued from euthanasia because he wasn't *just right* for the breeder.