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With all the activity going on over the rescue of the 3 new cats, looking for a Golf Cart for the sanctuary was not on Judy's priority list. However, thanks to the generosity of George at Peace River Campground and a number of volunteers, a much needed cart became a reality. Volunteer Gary Borland contacted George, a long time supporter of SOS, and quickly struck a deal to donate a used cart if volunteers chipped in to buy for the cart, new batteries, a battery meter and a cargo rack for the back. The funds were quickly raised, the cart readied, picked up, then delivered not only on Judy's Birthday, but on the day the cats arrived.

What a surprise!

Front view of the cart
Back view of the cart with the cargo rack
Thanks George for the signs on both sides of the cart
Gibsonton, halfway between Peace River Campground in Arcadia and Clearwater where Gary lives, was used as a pickup point
Loaded and ready to go
Sheila Waters and Larry Borland decorate the cart before bringing it in