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Dear Friends:

Welcome to the first newsletter of S.urvival O.utreach S.anctuary, for Wildlife. A dream come true for me which has been made possible through the love and support of so many people. I would be remiss in not thanking each and everyone personally for their hard work in so many areas.

Firstly, a great big THANK YOU to my Mother and my Sister, Ligia and Sylvia Fernandez. Without their support this would not have been possible. Their love and support throughout life's trials and tribulations are unmeasurable and will never be forgotten.

The property was purchased in June and the move began, a move I will never forget! To move a double wide mobile and build five enclosures immediately is no small task. A special thanks to Barb Collins for lending us her RV to stay in while the move took place. Living in a 23ft.

  motor home for over a month with Jon McKinney, five house cats, a dog and a parrot is an experience I will always remember.

The cage building began at dawn and ended at night, and continued seven days a week for approximately three months. Thanks to all the help, Jayla a cougar has a spacious 3,000 square foot enclosure, 14' 4" tall that goes up and around trees for her to be able to climb and run at will. Rudy, an African serval has a 1,500 square ft. enclosure with trees to climb. Bosco, a white-faced brown lemur has a wonderful enclosure with trees and, of course, an additional attachment to the house so he may continue to come in at night. Our nutria's enclosure is outfitted with two ponds for swimming and many hiding places. Pig Lee, my pot bellied pig has a spacious area with her own personal house. Her door is always open in the daytime so she may wander freely.