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Special Thanks!

Thank you for the help cleaning up the property:

Tom Watson
Richard Naismith
Carolyn Kuenzli
Jon McKinney and Garry Costello
Carol and Ray Deller

A special Thank You to those that took those wonderful day trips with me to the dump. Now there is an experience! Some have never come back!

Thank you, to those that come out and help in all other areas:

Jane Field
Richard Naismith
Carolyn Kuenzli
Jason Bearse
Tom Watson
Steve Petrone
Garry Costello
Joan Richards
Sylvia deJesus
Jennifer Hoffer

Bird Bytes Computer Stuff of Spring Hill for all the help with my computer

My wonderful veterinarian, and friend, Dr. David Danielson.



Thanks to all of those who pitched in and helped building the cages and enclosures:

Jon McKinney
Brett Creamer
Shawn Martin
Debbie Sandlin
Troy Valentine
Jason Bearse
Matt Shortt
Jason Buck
Jim Moore
Tom Watson
Garry Costello
Jennifer Adair
Jennifer Hoffer.

Thank you to those who have supported me for seventeen years through thick and thin and have never lost faith in my efforts:

All my friends at the Peace River Campground

Friends of Conservation

Southeastern Wildlife Expo
Mike, Robin and Mickey from the Florida Wildlife Art Expositions

Absolutely Abyssinians Cat Club
Cats Exclusive and Richard Bilello

Shirley Murphy
Dan Ponton
Lilly Mehl
Jim Fowler
Judy and Sam Speraw
Greg Galvis and Julia and Cat Fancier of Daytona Beach.