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Work has begun on 4 new enclosure at SOS in preparation for a possible rescue of a number of large cats. Details are still being worked out but it looks like a few big cats may soon call SOS home.

SOS can use anyone who wants to volunteer to help build large rock shelters, help put up metal wire for the new enclosures, or help clear the areas where the new enclosures will go. Donations will gladly be accepted for the new expansion fund to purchase the materials and wire necessary to build the new enclosures. More information will follow as details are worked out. Currently we are trying to get enough donations to cover the $4,500. cost of transporting the animals here from up north.

For more information on how you can help or volunteering at SOS, e-mail us at



A new "Rock" takes shape  

Metal lath goes up over the basic wire shape.
The lath will then be covered with concrete.

Final work being completed before the concrete

The first layer of the tigers enclosure goes up

Volunteers Lori-Ann Kuhn & Stephanie Brown help put up the second level of an enclosure

Rajah letting us know what he thinks about another tiger coming to stay ;-)