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SOS Gets a new shed

Thanks to the generosity of Larry Borland, this 10x12 shed will find a new home at SOS to replace the one destroyed by hurricane Charlie. Here LTS (LaDon's Transport Service) prepares to load the shed onto a trailer for transport from Clearwater to SOS.
Here the shed is being pulled by winch onto the transport trailer.
The shed is on the trailer, strapped down and ready to go to it's new home.
This shed got hit pretty hard when part of the tree fell on it.
Kathy Lehr and Rose took a community service day from their jobs at HSN (Home Shopping Network), to come to SOS to help clear the way for the new shed. First the old shed that had been destroyed by hurrican Charlie had to be dismantled. Then the area where the new shed was going had to be cleared.
One of the many tree frogs that made the old shed home.